Monday, April 6, 2009

::: = beginner's luck and/or paying attention works sometimes.
1/2 cup jasmine rice
1 cup tap water
sprayed lite pam in glass guy.
uncovered hi for 5 min. checked. hi for 5 mins. checked. covered with a dainty bounty towel. hi for 3 mins. jasmine has a 'perfume' when it's cooking. yes. fluffed rice. ok.
::: g followedl instructions from
::: wikihow.
microwave. BLACKRICE. forbidden. ::: sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. after triumph with microwave jasmine rice we were empowered. let's do forbidden black rice today::: 1/3 cup black rice 2/3 cup tap water we used same glass guy (lightly sprayed w pam). hi 10mins uncovered. hi 3mins covered. we added 1/3 cup more water. hi 3mins uncovered; hi 3mins covered. :::the process is becoming tiresome: we add another 1/3 cup water; hi 6mins uncovered. this project requires more research.

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