Sunday, April 18, 2010

female@ random: qui est un 'doorman'?

quel est un 'doorman'?
we all know companies produce and market 'improved' versions. these improved products are usually a bit costlier and/or smaller. today they add buzzword BENEFITS. like more power, green, fiber, protein, and allkindof good stuff. so we buy them. we do.
so female: we worry about 'appearing stupid', we forget 2 thank the 'gods' for sufficient intelligence 2 write a blog in our native tongue. now what.
our 'fear of addiction' to the internet? whazzup. we know several 'so-called' humans who claim they are 'addicted'. they don't bank online; they don't do commerce online or sellon ebay; they don't blog; they use their internet access like they use their cellfone: like a toy.

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