Friday, July 2, 2010

theory v practice: see something, say something

ound bout 10am we hear footsteps on the roof and drilling sounds. so we pop up 2 checkit out. @first glance we record: guy @work installing stuff. after our required 'hi: who are you and what are you doing?', this brief encounter turned and twisted. he refused 2 answer simply: 'i'm a Directv guy installing a dish'. that would have at least reaped goodwill and mobiz for Directv in lower manhattan. his retort: 'who are you, the landlord? lady, call your super'. the portion of the roof he was working on is literally over our little apt. his reluctance 2 identify himself resulted in midmorning call 2 the 6th precinct; they sent over 2 officers 2 check this guy out. he presented his id 2 officers; whined that he had 'work2 do'; we resumed our morning coffee.

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