Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yes g
g this is
g little things behaving badly usually come in groups of 5 or more
06.25.09 or so: we return home from our travels and LO: nofone for us today and for days2come?
06.12.09: DTV DAY what no TV?
06.23.09: no hot/cold running water for 5 hours.
06.24.09: verizon refuses our refund for 'never delivered/accepted never activated cellfone'.
06.26.09: calls to dell tech support (philippines) frustrating,
06.27.09: shiny new philips vcr/dvr combo (DVDR3545V/37 full of digital2analog exotica: ruins shiny new vhs tape; we eject cassette to find tape hanging out; all shiny power shuts off and and THEN dvd startsup ASIF we pressed it's button !! g
06.27.09: calls 2 philips tech takes 2hrs: we are finally told we have a 'defective' product and we will receive another one; we question this theory:
the device we have is already a replacement. PLZ recommend a solid replacement?? we'll pay more for a working guy. no, ma'am, we have no sales department@ philips. we simply replace defective ......
g backin october'08 we found solace in our funny face: 8day key windup clock that didn't 'tell time' but did chime; she is silent today.

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