Monday, February 15, 2010

behold our demigods

sometimes they behaving perfunctorily

g fine. behaving without passion does have it's place in an ordered society: no 'crimes of passion' are committed. there is comfort in the presumption that our neighbor, husband, relative and lover will follow the 'rules'.
we rest easy now, don't we.

Greek demigods
Part of the dual nature of Greek heroes that gave rise to the modern "demigod" conception of them—a repeated theme in the story of their birth—is a double paternity: one father is a king of some kind, and another is a god. The hero's mother manages to lie with king and god in the same night (e.g., the mother of Theseus) or to be visited secretly by the god (e.g., DanaĆ«, mother of Perseus), and the seed of the two fathers is mixed in her womb. Thus the heroes have liminal qualities that enable them to have great strength, to cross the threshold between the worlds of the living and the dead yet return safely, and to mediate long after their death between human and divine.[1]Not neccesarily does the man have to be the god the woman can be the goddess as well. Any of the twelve olympians can have demigod children. Minor gods can have demigod children as well but they won't be as powerful as the demigods of the twelve olympians.Demigods can have extraordinary powers almost as powerful as their parent. Before the creation of man happened all of the olympians had married( Except Artemis who believes love is useless and men can not be trusted) so after man and woman had been created Greek Mythology suggests that many of these olympians married mortals which resulted in demigods. But if these demigods were as powerful monsters and other creatures of such sort were always out to get them. Sometimes a mortal marrying a god or goddess was cosidered a bad thing because the mortal was putting herself and her family in danger. Which is why the children of these gods were given powers so that they could look out for themselves and their family. Therefore not rendering marrying a god or goddess useless

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